About John Paul Iv Ackerly of DAVENPORT & COMPANY

John Paul Iv Ackerly is Svp, Director at Davenport & Company Llc and has been affiliated with Davenport & Company Llc since March-2004.

Davenport & Company Llc is an investment advisor that manages 8.7 BN dollars in regulatory AUM and has 410 employees, of which 262 perform investment advisory functions. The managers's latest filing has disclosed 9BN in positions, which represents 103% of the manager's regulatory AUM.

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StockAlpha 3 yr performance attributed to stock picking: -0.3%/yr

Co-workers of John Paul Iv Ackerly at DAVENPORT & COMPANY

Name Title In Position Since
Michael Sunderland Beall Executive Vp, Director January-1996
Edward Trigg Jr Brown Evp, Director December-1990
Robert Benton Giles Evp, Director January-1978
William David Jr Gorsline Svp, Director March-2002
Lucy Williams Hooper Executive Vp, Director March-2002
Joseph Lee Iii Keiger Svp, Director January-1996
Edward Rigby Jr Lawton Svp, Director April-1986
Robert Francis Mizell Evp, Cfo, Director December-1990
William Martin Jr Noftsinger Svp, Director December-1990
Ann Minornuckols Richmond Svp, Director, Treasurer January-1996
David Peter Rose Svp, Director March-2001
Rodney David Rullman Svp, Director March-1998
Henry Lee Iii Valentine Svp, Director December-1992
David Mckinley West Svp, Director March-1998
Coleman Iii Wortham Chairman, Director March-2013
James Milton Traudt Svp, Director April-2003
William Randolph Iv Barksdale Svp, Director March-2004
Richard Edward Iii Dolan Svp, Director March-2004
Kathleen Regina Maccio Holman Evp, Cao, Director March-2004
Richard Walter Iv Jones Svp, Director March-2004
Andrew Joseph Sr Jowdy Svp, Director March-2004
Maura Jane Lavay Svp, Director March-2004
Timothy Stewart Taylor Svp, Director March-2006
Richard Mark Coradi Svp, Director March-2006
Michael Joseph David Kane Svp, Director March-2006
Courtney Edward Rogers Svp, Director March-2006
James Edward Crawley Svp, Director March-2006
Denise Carol Peters Svp, Cco Of Investment Advisory Services January-2007
Sean James Allburn Svp, Director March-2007
David Charles Anderson Svp, Director March-2007
Kenneth Stuart Gregory Svp, Director March-2007
Eugene Massie Jr Valentine Svp, Director March-2007
Edin Nmn Terzimehic Asvp, Rosfp December-2008
Brian Andrew Mccormack Svp, Chief Compliance Officer June-2009
Joseph Walter Paucke Svp, Director March-2010
Kevin George Jr Boll Svp, Director March-2010
George Levin Smith Svp, Director March-2010
Irving Lee Iv Chapman President, Ceo, Director March-2013
Gary Wilson Scott Svp, Director March-2010
Cleighton Lee Jr Hilbert Svp, Director March-2010
William Robertson Beverley Hershey Svp, Director March-2011
Edward Fiscus Iii Cole Svp, Director March-2011
John Garth Vine Svp, Director March-2012
Harrison Moncure Geho Svp, Director March-2013
Hylah Boyd Ballowe Svp Director March-2014
Maureen Ann Gallihugh Svp Director March-2014
Joel Mason Ray Svp Director March-2014
Bradley Lawrence Watson Svp Director March-2014
Theresa J Manderski First Vice President, Aml Compliance Officer October-2014

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John Paul Iv Ackerly Office Address

RICHMOND, Virginia

John Paul Iv Ackerly Contact Information

Phone Number: 804-780-2000
Fax Number: 804-549-4339



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