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Portfolio of Funds Alpha & Overlap Reports

Build & monitor portfolios of hedge fund managers. Track the performance of individual managers and a aggregate portfolio of managers daily according to their disclosed positions and contribution from StockAlpha -- their ability to pick stocks that outperform their corresponding sectors on a beta-adjusted basis. Evaluate the performance of their entire portfolio or only their top positions and see who overlaps with whom.

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Upload Positions & Assess Your Crowdedness

Upload custom portfolios -- just copy and paste from Excel. See the crowdedness of each individual position, the average crowdedness for the portfolio, and the portfolio’s crowdedness relative to the hedge fund universe. Instantly see your exposure to crowded positions and how they are affecting your performance.

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Performance Analytics on Return Data

Upload net return streams for individual managers -- just copy and paste from Excel. Run extended performance analytics with standard and custom benchmarks. Calculate alpha, beta, drawdowns, and other metrics.

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Generate Manager PDF Reports

Generate PDF & Excel reports covering performance, alpha, liquidity, and peer analysis. Reports are updated daily to reflect current market conditions. Alpha measures include StockAlpha, SectorAlpha and SizingAlpha to capture how the manager’s stock-picking, sector allocation, and position sizing decisions contribute value to the portfolio. See each manager’s top winning and losing trades, the popularity of their positions, and the liquidity, turnover and concentration of their portfolios relative to peers.

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