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Risk Analysis For A New Regime

The market has experienced a regime change in the risk factors that matter. Traditional factors don't account for the increasing impact other market participants, such as passives and other investor-types, have had on positions and portfolios. provides risk aggregation across portfolios and extends it beyond traditional factors to understand interdependencies and interaction with other market participants.

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Holder Based Factor Decomposition

Symmetric has pioneered a number of holder based factors that help investors better understand their exposure to other market participants involved in a security:

  • Exposure to "fast money" co-holders, who tend to have similar risk management practices, causing them to de-risk together during periods of stress
  • Exposure to "stressed" co-holders who are more likely to de-risk their portfolios subsequently
  • Exposures to holder cohorts, such as specific investor types, including activists, Tiger Cubs, event driven managers, passives, etc.
  • Holdings based factors include hedge fund universe crowding and consensus measures
  • Holdings based factors are available in addition to traditional fundamental & technical factors (value, growth, dividend yield, momentum, etc)
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    Overlap and Liquidation Risk

    Symmetric overlap reports help investors understand:

  • Whether particular managers/portfolios have overlap amongst each other or across the entire universe of managers
  • The consistency of overlap within a portfolio or in comparison to other funds across time
  • Which funds would have the largest liquidation impact on a portfolio. High overlapping managers may exposure investor portfolios to liquidation risk, whereby a manager under stress liquidates positions creating P&L impact for a portfolio
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    Generate PDF & Excel reports covering performance, alpha, liquidity, and peer analysis. Reports are updated daily to reflect current market conditions. A sample of reports:

  • Portfolio Alpha: Position based StockAlpha decomposition isolates a portfolio of manager's stock-picking decisions are contributing value to the portfolio.
  • Portfolio Position Changes: Shows the top new positions, increased positions, decreased positions, inflows, outflows at a security level for a portfolio of managers
  • Flows: Shows the inflow/outflows from any custom watchlist of securities by an custom group of managers
  • Manager Summary: StockAlpha, SectorAlpha and SizingAlpha to capture how the manager's stock-picking, sector allocation, and position sizing decisions contribute value to the portfolio. Based on publicly available data.
  • Manager Crowding: Manager crowding decomposition benchmarked to any custom peer group.
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    Portfolio Aggregation

    Build & monitor portfolios of equities based on separately managed accounts, hedge funds, etc. Upload custom portfolios -- just copy and paste from Excel. Track the performance of individual portfolios and aggregate portfolios of managers daily according to their disclosed positions and contribution from StockAlpha -- the ability to pick stocks that outperform their corresponding sectors on a beta-adjusted basis.

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