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Symmetric – Returns Analysis & Attribution, Simplified

It wasn’t long before our clients started asking if they could do more than just manage, monitor and analysis the holdings of their managers disclosed through Form 13F filed with the SEC. It’s what happens when you make something simple, elegant and easy to use. Clients naturally begin asking you to solve more of their problems. Returns analysis is a case in point.

Today’s post illustrates how our clients use to upload return streams and download analyses into excel. It will focus on individual managers, but we also provide a similar analytic framework for portfolios of investment managers, which could include hedge funds or other managers.

Our clients include more than a hundred funds of funds, family offices, pensions, endowments, among other institutional investors. I’m going to show how clients upload return streams and download returns analyses to excel & PDF. There are many others — some clients actually buy our data-feeds, including the holdings and proprietary, behavioral factors. But we’ll stick with two examples from the web for now.

First – Upload Hedge Fund Return Streams & Exposures

Symmetric clients’ first order of business was to consolidate their performance reporting into a single location — the Symmetric Data Manager. The Symmetric Data Manager allows clients to upload performance, long and short attribution, and exposures. To see this, just click on My Data on the top menu bar, and select the Performance Data option. Here’s a screenshot of the page that you arrive at, as well as the menu that you would click on to get there.
The screenshot shows a collection of menus and a big table on the right. Here’s where our clients store associated performance, exposures, and long/short attribution data. It’s easy. It’s like excel in your browser. Click Add Data to add a manager to your collection of managers that you track. Then just copy and paste from excel or type directly into the table when you’re updating a manager’s data.

Second – Download Hedge Fund Returns Analysis and Attribution to Excel

The next step consists of converting your data into one-click, downloadable reports. Clients say it’s like having an extra analyst. The data stays up to date because it’s in one place, and the reports are available immediately. First step: click Run Performance Analysis, and watch everything come together. I ran it for a made up fund: Polygon Investors. The screenshot below compares Polygon to the S&P500 and the Symmetric Crowded Stocks Index.

download returns analysis of hedge funds to excel

All of this is lightning fast and incorporates all the standard measures regarding correlations, drawdowns, Sharpe, Beta, etc. Moreover, I’ve popped up the menue under Download, so you can see the various ways you can pull the data down for your own consumption. It’s downloadable as a PDF report, an excel report with the underlying data, and an Alpha Report. The Alpha Report provides a complete analysis of the manager’s performance attribution based on the uploaded returns and exposures. Best of all, it’s in excel. Here’s a quick snapshot for the fictitious manager — Polygon Investors.

Excel Report of Hedge Fund Alpha



And That’s How You Upload, Manage and Analyze Individual Hedge Fund Return Streams Through Symmetric 

We also provide a similar analytic framework for portfolios of managers. These could be hedge funds or other managers. We can get into that later, but please reach out if you are interested in individual manager analysis, analysis of portfolios of managers or anything at all.

Again, there are many other ways we provide insights into hedge fund performance. Many of these rely on our cleaned, survivorship unbiased 13F holdings data from the Symmetric platform. Some clients, such as our quantitative investor clients, will also buy our underlying data-feeds. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like us to drill down on any specific areas of functionality.