SIB LLC Overview

Sib Llc is an investment advisor.

The manager's has disclosed holdings from 03/31/08 to 06/30/20.

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Fundamental & Technical Factor Exposure

Market Cap Beta Volatility
Momentum (12M) Momentum (6M) Momentum (3M)
Price/Book Price/Earnings Price/Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Sales Growth Earnings Growth
EBIDTA Margin Debt/Assets Hedge Fund Crowding

SIB LLC Since Last Filing Return Details

Ticker Size Sector Stock Move StockAlpha Attribution Days to Liquidate Trade Crowdedness
ODFL 22.25% Industrials 17.08% 0.7% 0 8%
LULU 14.43% Cons. Disc. 6.28% -1.96% 0 7%
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SIB LLC Founders and Key Employees

Name Title In Position Since
Kenneth P. Pearlman Sole Member And President December-2007

SIB LLC Brokers, Custodians, Auditors and Administrators

Type Company
Administrator Pro
Auditor Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Prime Broker Pro

SIB LLC Investment Strategy

SIB LLC Portfolio Concentration

SIB LLC Location

SIB LLC Contact Information

Phone Number: 305-937-7484
Fax Number: DECEMBER



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