R.m.sincerbeaux Capital Management Llc is an investment advisor that manages 156.4 MM dollars in regulatory AUM and has 1 employees, of which 1 perform investment advisory functions.

The manager's has disclosed holdings from 12/31/07 to 09/30/21. The fund's latest filing disclosed 153MM in positions, representing 98% of the manager's regulatory AUM.


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Fundamental & Technical Factor Exposure

Market Cap Beta Volatility
Momentum (12M) Momentum (6M) Momentum (3M)
Price/Book Price/Earnings Price/Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Sales Growth Earnings Growth
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R.M.SINCERBEAUX Since Last Filing Return Details

Ticker Size Sector Stock Move StockAlpha Attribution Days to Liquidate Trade Crowdedness
MSFT 11.7% Tech 19.44% 0.84% 0 45%
V 10.51% Tech -4.62% -1.65% 0 31%
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R.M.SINCERBEAUX Founders and Key Employees

Name Title In Position Since
Richard M. Sincerbeaux Managing Member And Chief Compliance Officer April-2007

R.M.SINCERBEAUX Brokers, Custodians, Auditors and Administrators

Type Company

R.M.SINCERBEAUX Investment Strategy

Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss

A. Methods of Analysis and Investment Strategies.

RMSCM uses fundamental research from multiple sources (including brokerage research, independent research, general business publications, SEC Filings, cable television business channels) to monitor the economy and to identify companies with attractive investment characteristics.

The Adviser employs the following investment strategies:

Buy and Hold. RMSCM engages in a buy and hold investment strategy wherein RMSCM invests in a company’s securities with the intention of holding them for a relatively long period of time, regardless of short-term factors such as fluctuations in the market or volatility of the stock price. Stock portfolios are assembled using a GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price) approach. RMSCM attempts to take advantage of what are deemed to be temporarily depressed prices of quality growth companies when purcha...
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R.M.SINCERBEAUX Portfolio Concentration


1120 6TH AVENUE, SUITE 4103
NEW YORK, New York
UNITED STATES, 10036-6700

R.M.SINCERBEAUX Contact Information

Phone Number: 212-626-6544
Fax Number: 212-626-6543



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