INSIGHT 2811 INC. Overview

Insight 2811 Inc. is an investment advisor that manages 807.5 MM dollars in regulatory AUM and has 11 employees, of which 7 perform investment advisory functions.

The manager's has disclosed holdings from 06/30/05 to 12/31/22. The fund's latest filing disclosed 162MM in positions, representing 20% of the manager's regulatory AUM.

INSIGHT 2811 INC. StockAlpha

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Fundamental & Technical Factor Exposure

Market Cap Beta Volatility
Momentum (12M) Momentum (6M) Momentum (3M)
Price/Book Price/Earnings Price/Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Sales Growth Earnings Growth
EBIDTA Margin Debt/Assets Hedge Fund Crowding

INSIGHT 2811 INC. Since Last Filing Return Details

Ticker Size Sector Stock Move StockAlpha Attribution Days to Liquidate Trade Crowdedness
SHY 22.99% ETF 1.97% 0.11% 0 4%
VGSH 20.05% ETF 2% 0.11% 0 6%
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INSIGHT 2811 INC. Founders and Key Employees

Name Title In Position Since
Arthur E. Zaske President March-1997
Arthur E. Zaske Chief Compliance Officer March-1997
Joseph A. Nathan Shareholder May-2006
Jeffrey R. Keen Vice President Business Development December-2012
Michael J. Lafontaine Vice President Business Development December-2012
Dan Danzig Chief Operating Officer December-2012

INSIGHT 2811 INC. Brokers, Custodians, Auditors and Administrators

Type Company
Administrator Pro
Auditor Pro
Custodian Pro

INSIGHT 2811 INC. Investment Strategy

Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss

Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear.

A. Methods of Analysis. Advisor employs a wide range of information in formulating investment advice and managing assets. Information sources include, but are not limited to the following: (i) financial newspapers and magazines, (ii) research prepared by other organizations, (iii) annual reports,

AZA Capital Management 6 of 19 April 29, 2015
Form ADV Part 2A

prospectuses, and other SEC filings, and (iv) company press releases, presentations, and other corporate communications. Advisor also purchases and reviews information from recognized financial services information aggregators. Advisor creates and currently utilizes customized screening programs populated with the data...
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INSIGHT 2811 INC. Portfolio Concentration

INSIGHT 2811 INC. Location

SUITE 1275
TROY, Michigan

INSIGHT 2811 INC. Contact Information

Phone Number: 248 687-7200
Fax Number: 248 687-7206



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