DIAM CO LTD Overview

Diam Co Ltd is an investment advisor that manages 136.7 BN dollars in regulatory AUM and has 425 employees, of which 125 perform investment advisory functions.

The manager's has disclosed holdings from 03/31/01 to . The fund's latest filing disclosed 26BN in positions, representing 19% of the manager's regulatory AUM.

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Fundamental & Technical Factor Exposure

Market Cap Beta Volatility
Momentum (12M) Momentum (6M) Momentum (3M)
Price/Book Price/Earnings Price/Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Sales Growth Earnings Growth
EBIDTA Margin Debt/Assets Hedge Fund Crowding

DIAM CO LTD Since Last Filing Return Details

Ticker Size Sector Stock Move StockAlpha Attribution Days to Liquidate Trade Crowdedness
IVV 5.59% ETF -6.63% -0% 0 0%
AAPL 5.02% Tech -3.23% 0.2% 0 0%
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DIAM CO LTD Founders and Key Employees

Name Title In Position Since
Akira Noguchi Senior Executive Vice President April-2006
Koichi Hasegawa Executive Vice President April-2012
Hajime Fukuzawa Executive Vice President April-2012
Satoshi Kato Executive Director April-2012
Hiroyuki Komiya Executive Vice President April-2013
Hiroshi Yoguchi Auditor June-2013
Yasumasa Nishi President & Chief Executive Officer June-2014
Hideto Masaki Chairman & Chief Compliance Officer June-2014
Manabu Hashimoto Auditor June-2014
Yasutaka Yamada Executive Director April-2014

DIAM CO LTD Brokers, Custodians, Auditors and Administrators

Type Company

DIAM CO LTD Investment Strategy

Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss

Fluctuations in the currency market may have an impact on the value of assets under management. As a result, investors may suffer losses arising from foreign exchange fluctuations. Investment in foreign currency denominated assets may also be affected by regional political and economic conditions, currency and capital regulations and other factors that may contribute to a decline in the value of assets under management.
・Country Risk:

Financial market turbulence caused by country-specific political, economic or regulatory changes may constrain fund management and contribute to a decline in the value of assets under management.
・Derivative Risk:
Some products may include derivatives in their investment strategy. In such cases, declining or low correlation with underlying hedged products, liquidity risks, margin deposit losses, leverage risks and other factors may c...
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DIAM CO LTD Portfolio Concentration

DIAM CO LTD Location

TOKYO, JAPAN, 100-0005

DIAM CO LTD Contact Information

Phone Number: 81-3-3216-0101
Fax Number: 81-3-3216-0102



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