Bridgewater Associates Lp is a hedge fund that manages 219.1 BN dollars in regulatory AUM and has 1379 employees, of which 398 perform investment advisory functions.

The manager's has disclosed holdings from 12/31/05 to 09/30/21. The fund's latest filing disclosed 18BN in positions, representing 8% of the manager's regulatory AUM.


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Fundamental & Technical Factor Exposure

Market Cap Beta Volatility
Momentum (12M) Momentum (6M) Momentum (3M)
Price/Book Price/Earnings Price/Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Sales Growth Earnings Growth
EBIDTA Margin Debt/Assets Hedge Fund Crowding

BRIDGEWATER Since Last Filing Return Details

Ticker Size Sector Stock Move StockAlpha Attribution Days to Liquidate Trade Crowdedness
VWO 6.42% ETF 4.14% -0.25% 1 11%
EEM 5.55% ETF 3.22% -0.28% 0 11%
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BRIDGEWATER Founders and Key Employees

Name Title In Position Since
Raymond T. Dalio Founder, Chairman And Co-Chief Investment Officer January-1975
Robert Prince Co-Chief Investment Officer March-1986
Gregory S. Jensen Co-Chief Executive Officer And Co-Chief Investment Officer November-2004
Randal B. Sandler Director, Client Service & Marketing October-2006
Helene T. Glotzer Esq. Chief Compliance Officer June-2008
Eileen K. Murray Co-Chief Executive Officer July-2009
David H. Mccormick President August-2009
John K. Halvey General Counsel & Secretary November-2013
Osman Nalbantoglu Management Committee Member September-2012
Kevin M. Campbell Co-Chief Operating Officer March-2013

BRIDGEWATER Brokers, Custodians, Auditors and Administrators

Type Company
Administrator Pro
Administrator Pro
Auditor Pro
Auditor Pro
Auditor Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Custodian Pro
Prime Broker Pro
Prime Broker Pro
Prime Broker Pro
Prime Broker Pro

BRIDGEWATER Investment Strategy

Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss.

Pure Alpha is an active management strategy that is based on the belief that the returns of asset classes are primarily driven by changing fundamental conditions. Bridgewater has been managing Pure Alpha since
1991. It represents the best of Bridgewater’s active management capabilities, allowing it to capitalize on all
perceived opportunities and balance them optimally. The strategy is structured around Bridgewater’s proprietary fixed income, equity, currency, and commodity trading strategies, which are the direct products of nearly 40 years of research into the fundamental drivers of global asset returns. These individual strategies
are systematically combined into a single alpha strategy. Bridgewater’s Pure Alpha strategy has the flexibility to establish long, short, or spread positions across the above markets. The strategy utilizes a broad variety of
instruments in its i...
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BRIDGEWATER Portfolio Concentration


WESTPORT, Connecticut

BRIDGEWATER Contact Information

Phone Number: 203-226-3030



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